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When you look at the Bible, creation is a theme that goes from Genesis to Revelation. It's really the story that God is doing.? ?
By Tyler Durden A tornado outbreak on Saturday night across southern Oklahoma decimated a major distribution center for budget retailer Dollar Tree. The facility supplies...Major Dollar Tree Warehouse Demolished By Tornado, May Spark Supply Chain Chaos
A late historian explores how crusade hymns told both the classic story of gospel salvation and the evolving story of evangelical worship music.Crowds of over 50,000. Famous special guests. Hundreds of cities in the US and around the world. Beloved, catchy songs. For many, these might sound like readouts from the Taylor Swift Eras Tour hype machine. But exchange the glittery girl power for the gospel in baritone, and you have one of the most successful musical touring acts in the postwar world: the Billy Graham Crusades.The first association that “Billy Graham Crusade” may evoke is not musical at all, but rather a close-up shot of the evangelist, with his penetrating, wide-eyed gaze and raised forearms, thundering, “The Bible says …” Admittedly, music was not the main focus.Yet as the late historian Edith Blumhofer shows in her final book, Songs I Love to Sing: The Billy Graham Crusades and the Shaping of Modern Worship, neither Graham’s ministry nor the late-century rise of contemporary Christian music can be understood without it. As crusade song leader Cliff Barrows pursued his main goal—“sing to save”—he and his teammates bridged stylistic, cultural, and generational divides, transforming evangelicals’ music into the harmonic blend of old and new that is familiar today.Mining rich resourcesBefore unpacking this highly original book, a few words about the author. Blumhofer is an American religious historian renowned for her empathetic biographies of hymnist Fanny J. Crosby and evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson, as well as broader studies of evangelicalism and Pentecostalism. She concluded her career with this new study, sadly succumbing to a battle with cancer in the process.To finish the project, she tapped Jesus People expert Larry Eskridge, with whom she had for many years directed the Institute ...Continue reading...
Religious freedom activists urged Americans to learn from Christians who live in countries where they face persecution or death for their faith and develop a willingness to “follow Jesus no matter the cost.”?
“As a movement, it is time to aggressively add virtual ministry outreach through telecare and telehealth,” Jor-El Godsey, president of Heartbeat International, told attendees of the organization's 53rd Annual Conference on Thursday, April 25. Without minimizing the need to continue opening more brick-and-mortar pregnancy help centers to give women in-person, ongoing compassionate care, he said […]The post Pregnancy Centers are Helping Women Choose Life in a Climate of Easy Abortion Pill Access appeared first on LifeNews.com.
By Paul Thacker The World Health Organization's Dr. Hanna Nohynek testified in court that she advised her government that vaccine passports were not needed but...WHO Official Admits the Truth About Vaccine Passports
I recently read an article from our friends at Patterns of Evidence which reported on the recent finding of much of the upper half of the colossal Rameses statue.
A group belonging to a Sikh warrior order last week attacked a pastor and another Christian with swords and knives in northern India's Punjab state for leading church worship in their village.
Praise God for record crowds during spring break! We look forward to a very busy year equipping and challenging hundreds of thousands of people and continuing construction on major projects.
DNA: The transforming principle as a code and its discovery in the genesis of germs
Grammy-nominated Christian singer Anne Wilson has released a new album blending contemporary Christian music with mainstream country stylings and a theme stressing that Christians are viewed as "rebels" in society, just like Jesus.?
Thousands of prayer gatherings will be held nationwide on Thursday to celebrate the National Day of Prayer, an annual observance that dates back to a 1952 law requiring the president to designate a day for Americans to turn to God in prayer.
Minister Orit Strock claimed that the deal would lead to abandoning the goals of the war and leaving hostages behind.
Airstrikes Target Gaza Tunnels, Launchpads After Rocket Fire On South, Army Says Following rocket fire from Gaza at the southern cities of Sderot and Ashdod on Monday (29th), the IDF ... Read MoreThe post News Digest — 4/30/24 appeared first on The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry.
An ancient codex, containing perhaps the earliest complete versions of Jonah and 1 Peter, goes up for auction in June. Will it disappear?One of the oldest books in existence, which contains what is perhaps the oldest complete versions of Jonah and 1 Peter, is going up for auction in June. The sale of the Crosby-Schøyen Codex has scholars excited to talk about its uniqueness—and nervous about whether it could go into private hands and disappear.The Crosby-Schøyen Codex is a primary example of the invention of books, which coincided with the spread of Christianity, said Eugenio Donadoni, a specialist in books and manuscripts at Christie’s London, which is auctioning the codex. The growth of Christianity spurred the need to “maximize the text you can write down and transmit … around the Mediterranean,” Donadoni said.Before codices appeared in roughly the third century, scrolls “for several thousand years were the primary vehicle for transmitting literature,” said Brent Nongbri, an expert in early Christian manuscripts and a professor at the Norwegian School of Theology.Codices were a technological advancement that “that wouldn’t be surpassed until the discovery of the printing press,” Donadoni added. Donadoni just finished touring the codex for potential buyers in New York and Paris before returning it to London, where it will be auctioned on June 11. About the codex he said, “I’ve never seen anything like this.”A single scribe wrote out the texts of the codex on papyrus leaves in Sahidic Coptic somewhere between A.D. 250 and 350, according to carbon dating of the codex conducted in 2020. That means it’s likely the text was written before the late-fourth-century councils, when the canon of Scripture began to be established.“This is being used at a time when ...Continue reading...
Normand Meunier, a 66-year-old quadriplegic man in Quebec, was euthanized in his home after developing bed sores and a major pressure ulcer.
A recent news article sported the bold claim that evolution in action was recently observed in island bats.
???? ?? ???-?????? ??? ? ?? ????? ???? ??????? ???????? ?? ?? ????Four Israeli academics at US universities tell Ynet about physical and emotional challenges of confronting campus demonstrations; 'Jews are simply not allowed to enter the buildings, and It's only getting worse'
?? ?? ???? ? ?????? ? ?? ??? ??? ??Duda calls the attack shameful posting on X that there is no place for antisemitism in his country; Synagogue outer wall slightly damaged in attack; police does not yet establish motive
"This year, the torches will be lit in groups, not individually," Miri Regev stated on Thursday, emphasizing a focus on collective representation of Israeli heroism.
A professor explains why examining a school's doctrinal statement isn't enough.When I speak at churches around the country, the conversation after my talks often turns to the state of Christian higher education. I’m a professor at a Christian institution, and Christian parents and grandparents want to know where high school graduates can go to have their faith deepened rather than undermined. These concerns have only become more pressing given the ongoing rise in young people wandering away from the church and describing their religious convictions as “nothing in particular.”The question many Christians have for me is which colleges are “safe” or “real” Christian schools, which usually means those that have a truly conservative theological ethos. For those who aren’t familiar with the world of Christian higher ed, it can be difficult to identify these schools from outside the campus community, and parents often (reasonably) conclude an institution’s stance on human sexuality is the simplest indicator of a college’s commitment to Christian orthodoxy.LGBTQ questions are indeed important, and they can serve as a proxy for an institution’s broader theology. But by itself, this isn’t a reliable formula for finding a good Christian college. A school may stake out a bold position on sexuality and yet capitulate to what I’d suggest is the most overlooked and therefore most insidious threat to Christian education in America right now.It’s not progressive theology. It’s a pervasive consumerist anthropology.Theological anthropology concerns our assumptions about the nature and purpose of humanity. And by “consumerist anthropology” I mean the belief—often subconsciously held—that ...Continue reading...
Franklin Graham, one of the world’s most prominent Christian leaders, has endorsed Todd’s new book, “Twilight’s Last Gleaming: Can America […]
A recent news article sported the bold claim that evolution in action was recently observed in island bats.
Archaeological study challenges assumptions, revealing ancient village in southern Levant thrived during 8.2ka event, showcasing human resilience and cultural evolution.
Contrary to common misconception, the medieval church did not teach that the earth was flat, and there are many ways we know that the earth is spherical.

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